What's in the Name Abraxas?

What is Abraxas and why is your company named that? Abraxas Labs name is explained for those who are interested!

The name Abraxas Labs is derived from the ancient word Abraxas, which is a term related to Greek philosophy, Christian thought, and Middle Eastern cultures.

Abraxas has been identified as a divine figure, a mystical word, and an amulet symbol in various ancient texts and artifacts. The figure of Abraxas has come to represent the union of opposites, the interplay of light and darkness, good and evil, and the mysteries of the cosmos.

Abraxas Labs’ name is a symbol of the following:

  1. Symbolism of knowledge: The mystical concept of Abraxas encompasses the pursuit of hidden knowledge and understanding of the universe's secrets. Abraxas Labs strives to unravel the complexities of various substances, materials, and processes through rigorous scientific inquiry, much like the Gnostics sought to uncover the mysteries of existence.
  2. Union of opposites: As a symbol of the union of opposites, Abraxas represents balance and the merging of different forces to create something new. At Abraxas Labs, various techniques and methodologies are combined to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. This synthesis of different scientific approaches mirrors the duality represented by Abraxas.
  3. Dedicated pursuit of knowledge: By drawing on a term that is deeply rooted in history, the name serves a symbol of the long-standing quest for knowledge. This connection to the past can serve as a reminder of the historical foundations of scientific inquiry and the ongoing pursuit of our understanding.