The Other Lesser-Known Subspecies

The most common species of the cannabis plant are Sativa, Indica, and cross-bred hybrids. However, the lesser-known Ruderalis species shouldn’t be dismissed too soon, especially if you are a grower. Ruderalis is the key contributing factor to most auto-flowering strains and can help make hybrids easier to grow.

The word Ruderalis is derived from the Latin word rūdus meaning rubble. Ruderal is a term derived from the same word and is a term used to describe a species that is the first to grow in areas that have been disturbed by avalanches, wildfires, and other disasters. All of this to say, Cannabis Ruderalis is a hardy plant that is native to climates other cannabis species couldn’t survive in. 

Ruderalis is rarely used as a standalone crop, but it is often crossbred with Sativa or Indica strains to create more durable auto-flowering hybrids. Due to its generally low TCH and relatively high CBD content, Ruderalis hybrids typically have boosted CBD levels making them more medical and less psychoactive. 



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