Staying Compliant with Sampling Requirements

How Abraxas Labs helps you to have a smoother testing experience

As you may know, there are a number of additional requirements for the testing process for all registered businesses in Oklahoma. Among these are a number of updates to the testing and the pre-testing workflow. Namely, all Oklahoma businesses are now required to:
  1. Have their testing laboratory's sampling Standard Operating Procedures in a place easily accessible during sampling,
  2. Be trained by the testing laboratory to perform sampling properly,
  3. Log several important data points during sampling and pre-transport to the laboratory
We encourage you to familiarize your self and closely follow the regulations to ensure that you remain compliant. If this is in part or in whole comes as news to you, not to worry! You can find it in its full form and as a summary of changes since the last iteration. You can (and should) follow all of the latest changes on the OMMA website.
We understand that you have a lot on your plate, so we went ahead and made this process as easy and as smooth as possible. Delivering on our promise to surpass your greatest expectations for laboratory testing, we have created several useful resources for you, our valued client, which you will find by following the links at the end of this email.
Briefly, here are the action items that you should take to stay compliant with the current regulations:

Steps to Stay Compliant:

  1. Register for a Sampler Certification Training by following this link
  2. Download and read our Sampling SOPs
    1. Make sure to print and have easily accessible at the site of sampling
  3. Ask us any questions if you have them after your training
  4. Take (and pass) the sampling certification quiz
  5. Print and display the certificate you earned at the site of sampling
    1. You are now officially cleared to sample for your organization and
    2. to train others at your site on proper sampling techniques
Bonus: use the sampling wizard and the calculators created for you to make your sampling process a breeze!