Cannabinoid Terpene Profile

In honor of Valentine’s Day being this month, our terpene profile is on Valencene! Valencene is a citrusy terpene named after valencene oranges and it is commonly mistaken for its aromatic cousin, Limonene. However, Valencene has been described as “fresh herbs or freshly cut wood, reminding you of a walk in the forest or a fresh morning in the countryside that starts with a strong, pure, and smelly orange juice,” and can also be found in grapefruits, nectarines, mangoes, and tangerines.



In addition to its pronounced aroma, Valencene is notable due to its anti-inflammatory properties, specifically as a bronchodilator making it easier to breathe by relaxing the muscles in the lungs and widening the airways. In addition, a study out of Dongguk University College of Medicine showed Valencene is potentially therapeutic for sun-damaged skin, and it is well known to repel insects, like mosquitoes and ticks. There are also studies showing Valencene may boost the efficacy of a chemotherapy drug called Doxorubicin that deters the growth of cancer cells.


In addition to the medical benefits, Valencene puts patients in an energized, uplifted, and talkative mood. While Valencene itself is not psychoactive, marijuana strains that have it are typically high in THC, which is psychoactive. Some of the most popular Valencene heavy strains are Sour Diesel, Agent Orange, Alien Dawg, and XJ-13, a personal favorite.

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