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How Do I Create a Test Sample In METRC?

This article explains how to create a test sample to be sent to a laboratory

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Creating a test sample in METRC

Please note that this article would not apply to creating R & D or voluntary test samples. If you do have any questions on R&D or voluntary testing, then please reach out to the METRC support line.

If you have not yet registered to become a Certified Sampler, you can schedule your training and certification today! We get you ready to sample your product, to ensure your testing process is as smooth as possible.

Tip: The most common problem we see with sample submissions is the selection of an incorrect test. Make sure to select the correct test when submitting your sample on METRC. Let's see two scenarios:


#1 Scenario: You are a Medical Grower submitting your flower for full compliance testing.

#1 Scenario Test Selection: Select "Raw Plant Material"

#2 Scenario: You are a Medical Processor who used ethanol to extract THC from flower and you are submitting your distillate for full compliance testing

#2 Scenario Test Selection: Select "Solvent Based Concentrate" 


  • Ensure you are sampling a sufficient amount. If you need to know how much to sample, see our Sampling article, which introduces the Abraxas Labs Sample Wizard
  • Start out in the active tab of the packages area for a manufacturer's license.
  • Create the test sample in your METRC account. To do this:
    1. First, find the package you want to pull the test sample from electronically and select it by clicking on it
    2. From there, click on the submit for testing button.
      1. Note: When creating a package in METRC, you will always have two sides: The left side will be your new package information, while the right side is your source package information.

Hint: It's a good idea to review the source package details in order to ensure that it is the correct package the sample was physically pulled from

At this point, you should already have a source package, and have identified it when creating a test sample.

Steps to Creating a Sample in METRC

  1. The first thing to do in creating the test sample package is to assign the package tag
  2. Next, identify the item
    1. You're merely repackaging the product so you can click on the same item checkbox,
    2. Or if you want to look up the item you can do so by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the item rectangle
  3. Next, enter the quantity and unit of measure
    1. The quantity will be the amount that must be pulled from the source package
    2. The unit of measure depends on your product. You can find this information on our sampling SOPs and during your training to become a certified sampler. Otherwise, text, call or email us
      1. Hint: The unit of measure will typically be the same as the source package 

    3. We recommend you enter a note whenever you can in the software. So you have a clear record of the events in METRC
  4. Next, enter today's date for the package date
  5. Lastly, enter the quantity taken from the source package that was sampled 
    1. This will be the same amount as the new package you are creating -- Again, the amount that is indicated in our SOPs for your sample type 
  6. Once all the information is entered and correct click on the submit for testing button
    1. You will know that the package was created when you see a raindrop icon next to the package, which designates it as a test sample
    2. The Lab Testing status column of your package should now also state Submitted for Testing
    3. The source package status will also be Submitted for Testing in the Lab Status column
    4. Once the test sample is created, you will want to put it on a transfer manifest and send it to the testing facility. 

Caution: You should not have test samples sitting around in your facility. Once they are created, they should be transferred.


And that's it! You are ready to test your product. Bring it to Abraxas Labs at 1913 West Tacoma Street, Suite B, Broken Arrow, OK 74012


As always, reach out to us with any questions!



  1. METRC Support: 
    1. Phone: 1-877-566-6506
    2. Website: https://support.metrc.com/
    3. Email: support@metrc.com
  2. Where to register for training: Abraxas Labs Sampler Training & Certification
  3. How to request the sampling SOPs: Abraxas Labs Sampling SOPs
  4. Contacting Abraxas Labs:
    1. Phone/SMS: 918-924-5164
    2. Email: info@abraxas-labs.com